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Traditional media is losing popularity and relevance around the world and social media has come to occupy this space as a source of information. People use the available social networks to broadcast events, report issues and tell their stories since there was no specific platform to follow this new trend.


This behavior is a reality all over the world. Fleekus comes exactly to meet this need, attending the demandof an increasing number of people.

Free of
Your interest come first.

All user pages, be them political, religious or ideological, will be respected. You decide what you want to read.

Fake News
Real quality information.

Fleekus' FANA algorithm penalizes fake publications and users who publish them, decreasing their relevance until they lose any visibility on the platform.

Earn money with Fleekus.

Relevance and reputation are key factors for our user to earn revenue. The more you publish at Fleekus, the more you increase your earnings.


How Fleekus

Your posts reach the entire platform instantly and not just a small percentage of the group of people who follow your pages, as they do on other networks.

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the FANA.

FANA means Fleekus Anti-fake News Algorithm Artificial Intelligence.

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Mobile Freedom

Be an editor wherever you are.

Fleekus mobile versions are being developed and very soon your mobile experience on the platform will be complete and suitable for use on smartphones and tablets.
Stay tuned for the release dates of the mobile versions!

Mobile Experience

Interface designed to give you the best experience on smartphones and tablets.


User data and publications 100% secure by encryption both in transfer and in storage.



Share key facts, important events and tell your stories wherever you are and at any time.


Coming soon mobile version
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